Good to Go

Good to Go is run locally by the Orr family, serving Alberta businesses since 1975. With a foundation of “customer first” service and operating with family values, Mervin Orr acquired Good to Go Moving (operating first as a delivery service in 2007, then expanding into local moves in Lethbridge and area). Providing Lethbridge personal and business moves throughout BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.
November 2018
text: Make Hassle-Free Shifting of Goods through Premium Movers and Packers
Relocating items is indeed a daunting task as it requires precise planning and execution that can swiftly be transported to a...
October 2018
text: Hire the Finest Moving and Relocation Company
When you are shifting to a new place you need to carry all of your belongings with yourself, which is indeed a daunting task ...
September 2018
text: Get Rid of Clumsy Shifting of Goods through Remarkable Transportation Service
When people plan to move from one place to another, relocating of items can be pretty much daunting as well as confusing. Tra...
August 2018
text: Make your Transportation of Goods Hassle-Free through Finest Moving Company
When you are deciding to move across the town or travel to longer distance, shifting of goods is one of the stressful and dau...
July 2018
text: Prefer Best Moving and Storage Service for Transportation of Goods
While going from one place to another, moving household commodities is indeed a daunting task. It requires a proper planning ...
June 2018
text: Avail the Best Moving Assistance with Dexterous Movers
Moving goods from one place to another is indeed a great responsibility as it involves systematic packing as well as transpor...
May 2018
text: Plan a Hassle-free and Less Problematic Moving with Professional Movers
Moving brings lots of changes in your life along with several new adaptions in your lifestyle. But the job of Lethbridge movi...
March 2018
text: Get Rid of Moving Troubles and be Good to Go!
Moving is an emotional moment for most people, whether it is moving to another city, another part of the city or even if it i...
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